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"I've been passionate about arts & crafts since I was very young. As a child I would always have a pencil in my hand & spend hours drawing what was around me or what was in my imagination. As I grew older I began to enjoy making handmade cards & gifts for my family & friends & this has continued to the present day.


Originally the character of Susie started as an illustration on family birthday cards but after a while my husband suggested they would be good as children's books. At first the stories were an ideal way of keeping a record of what we did together but soon I realised that they were more than that so I started to develop 'Simplysusiebybeverley'."



Beverley Watts

Author & Illustrator of the 'Susie Series'

Susie was a pedigree West Highland Terrier. She was born in South Wales on 26th October 1998 to Mighty Murphy & Rosie of Glen. Beverley made a wish for a little Westie and Susie came true that's why Beverley always called Susie her 'magic dog'! Sadly Susie passed away on 21st April 2013 at the grand old age of 14 years.


Beverley and Susie had many happy times together and you too can share their world  through the 'Susie Series'.





Little Sue ('Susie')

Star of the 'Susie Series'

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